Tuesday, August 26, 2008

>> Good Morning 早上好 !

While eating breakfast this morning, I was contemplating on what I should write about - then it occurred to me that I could blog about what I was eating! The idea came to me as I've noticed that many people (namely a lot of my university peers) often skip this vital meal of the day (although who am I to say because sometimes I'm dashing off to work or somewhere else clutching a banana, yogurt or apple really early in the morning, but at least it's something!) My boyfriend often touts the importance of breakfast and I can't agree more. 

This summer has marked the beginning of my affinity with blueberries however, I can't say that I've been experimenting very much with them. I'm just as happy eating them fresh as toppings on pancakes, cheesecakes, and frozen yogurt, etc.

All summer long, I've been indulging in the most simple yet delicious food combination: fresh organic blueberries and organic vanilla yogurt! Even though you can virtually eat this any time of day (sometimes I like eating these as part of my getting ready for bed routine too), I often eat these in the morning.

This morning in particular (in addition to a bowl of organic low-fat vanilla yogurt from Trader Joe's) and a smaller bowl of delicious blueberries, I made myself some french-pressed coffee (the beans roasted locally from Caffè Fiorè. It's pretty much my favourite blend of espresso as it is very versatile -- it can be ground for either french-pressed coffee or espresso! The coffee has a lovely textured nutty and sweet finish. And to top it off, the beans are organic and fair-trade!! Paired with the french-pressed coffee are some scones that I bought from Whole Foods the other day: ginger-currant and pumpkin oat scones! Both are delicious, especially after they have been toasted in the oven and served with a dab of butter. The ginger-currant scone is my favourite though, highly recommended!

|| A pause.

With the last foodblog entry dating back to February of this year, it is now towards the end of August.

While finishing my last couple quarters of my last year at the University of Washington, despite having loads of culinary adventures, I was unable to document them (via this blog) as I was very busy with school (and of course, life in general, really).

However, I never stopped taking an enormous amount of photos of the food that I've eaten/made/seen. This only means that my Mac is heavily laden with truly appetizing photos that have yet to be uploaded onto this blog for me to share!

And so it goes..!