Tuesday, January 29, 2008

<< Voilà! Goma cheesecake!

Despite my worrying about the matcha crust, it worked out perfectly. It tasted delicious: lightly sweetened, a slight bit of matcha flavour and the colour of the crust is a gorgeous tint of green tea green.

As for the cheesecake itself, it was fluffy, slightly moist and not too heavy. I added about 6 tablespoons of 黑芝麻粉 (ground up black sesame powder) and dashed some whole 黑芝麻 (black sesame seeds) into the cheesecake batter. Then for the finishing touch, I sprinkled some more on top before baking.

All in all, the layers of a lightly sweetened soft-cookie-like matcha flavoured crust and silky smooth goma cheesecake tasted amazing and it's pleasing to the eye as well. The cheesecake paired with a hot cup of gyokuro-cha is divine!

When Co-Chan comes back from Japan, she's in for a treat. =D

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co-chan said...

wow- beautiful job!!! i can't wait! i not only want to eat goma cheesecake, but i want to try making it! oh, i miss my oven!