Saturday, January 26, 2008

<< 黑ごま Cheesecake

My most current culinary ambition is to venture into a new territory of cheesecake flavours: 黑芝麻 / 黑ごま (goma) / black sesame! I have a standard cheesecake recipe that I base all my cheesecakes on and the two types that I've tried and succeeded with so far are: matcha, widely acclaimed! (according to friends and family) and pumpkin : for Thanksgiving! .. I'm not sure exactly when or quite how I was so inspired to make 黑ごま cheesecake, but after long discussions with Co-Chan and her encouraging enthusiasm, it became more and more of something that I've been excited about creating for the past month or two now.

Unfortunately late into the evening when I decided to embark on this culinary first, whilst thinking that I had all the ingredients.. I suddenly realized that I was lacking a crucial element: graham cracker for the cheesecake crust. >< .. I was ALMOST going to wait until the morning to go out and buy some, but after my sister encouraged me to "take risks," I finally decided that I'd try to make my own crust.. a sort of cakey matcha crust that will be a thin layer below the creamy goma cheesecake. Sounds nice right? Ideally, why yes. However, I'm kind of anxious because I improvised to make an attempt at creating the matcha cheesecake crust.

Anyhow, currently the goma cheesecake is fresh out of the oven and cooling down. It looks great, a deep golden brown top dusted with the 黑芝麻, and the aroma wafting out of the oven smells amazing, the 黑芝麻 smells sweet, nutty, and heavenly. I just hope that the cheesecake won't cave in >< or crack that terribly much =( I guess tomorrow after chilling it, only then will we know how it is taste-wise, eh?

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